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"100/10 rating if I could"

Noah was absolutely fantastic to work with and I would give him a 100/10 rating if I could. We have had some not-so-great experiences with real estate agents in the past, so we always feel a bit wary whenever we start working with someone new. However, it became clear very quickly that there would be no need for any kind of worry when it came it working with Noah. He is trustworthy, honest, kind, prompt, knowledgeable, and very available to answer questions or walk you through things you might not understand about the process. Noah always got back to us right away, and he always made time for us--during the search process, during escrow, and even after closing--and answered every single question we had. Noah was protective of us as his clients and we felt like he had our best intentions at heart the entire time we worked with him. We felt so taken care of. Ultimately, Noah helped us win our dream house (we were 1 of 22 offers, so it was extremely competitive), at a fair price. Noah is a rare gem of an agent and anyone looking to buy a home in the Bay Area would be really, really lucky to have him as their agent.

- Kate O.

"Noah was the person for us"

We are so thankful to have worked with Noah to buy our place. He was knowledgeable, responsive, persistent, and ultimately a crucial resource and ally in our condo purchase. That we even got to work with Noah at all is a minor miracle. We contacted him about being our agent 24 hours before we had to make an offer. Noah responded right away, spent almost an hour getting to know us and our situation on the phone, and then made himself available to meet the next day and work up an offer by our short deadline. From there we were off the races with Noah shepherding us through the dizzying process of negotiating a deal, navigating escrow and inspections, and closing. Each step of the way, Noah was incredibly patient and willing to field our numerous questions - we had tons as I'm a lawyer. It is a rare thing to have a real estate agent who balances the right sense of urgency to get the various things done related to a house sale while also taking the time to allow us as buyers to process how the experience feels. Noah repeatedly checked in to ensure that the sale and the steps leading to it were not only good for our checkbook, but were also positive emotional experiences. That later piece is such a rare thing, but one that Noah excels at. We hit a few snags along the way with the negotiations and closing. Yet Noah remained cool, calm, and poised throughout it all. He came up with creative solutions to tricky issues while inviting and respecting our thoughts and ideas as well. Buying a house is a big deal and not something done lightly. You have to make sure you have the right advocate to help you through that process. Noah was the person for us and we're so lucky to have had the chance to work with him.

- James K.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you"

Noah was an amazing realtor!!! We couldn't have done it without him. He displayed truly exceptional negotiation skills with the listing agent. He also did an excellent job at guiding us through the entire process which can be intimidating. He was extremely dependable and always available! I'm telling all my friends and family about Noah as he sets the ideal example for how the perfect realtor experience should be for everyone. We were truly lucky and very grateful to have found Noah. He is the best realtor I've worked with and will always be our number one and go-to person for anything real estate if we are ever to sell or buy again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for everything you've done Noah! We genuinely couldn't have done this without your guidance and amazing negotiation skills!

- Antonio M.

"Highly recommend him!"

Noah is extremely professional. My husband and I had an unpleasant experience with our previous realtor and decided to connect with Noah. He truly showed us what is was like to have a first home buyers experience and educated us along the way, he is extremely knowledgable in negotiating and also in spotting great deals. His team was always ready and very professional. Highly recommend him!

- Kenny R.

"The stars did align"

Words cannot express what Noah did for my family. I have given a lot of 5 star reviews. If I could I would give Noah 10 stars!. The housing market in the Bay Area is very hard for buyers in Berkeley almost every house sells for 110% to 140% of the list price. Most houses have over 5 offers and they are all cash offers. It is hard to compete against that. I looked at houses with Noah for over 2 and half years. We physically looked at well over 100 houses. In that time we put in over 10 offers, all above list price. It got to the point that I thought I may never be able to buy a house in the Berkeley for my family. But we kept looking and kept at it. A house went on the market on Cedar. It was 4 bedrooms, 2 bath. On paper a duplex but used as a single family. It was a sanctuary. It was near to the kids schools, hot tub, It had solar, It even had a space for my art studio. I was sure it was the one. I even met with the owners who where also artists and it felt right. The last step was to get my partner to sign off on it so we could make the offer. About a week went by and she looked at the house. She wasn't convinced it was for us. She said it wasn't the right house. On paper is seemed so right. Noah and I where pretty confused. The same day another house came on the market. This one was on College Ave. So we decided to look at it the same day with her. College house was listed as 4/2 duplex. But it was bigger. It had a full basement with 8' ceilings. 2 more bedrooms and and an unfinished bath. The yard was huge, a double lot. 3 car garage. It had out buildings for art studios. It was built in 1919 and had tons of charm. Last time it was for sale was in the 1950's! Houses on College ave. do not become available often. Both houses where listed around the same price. The house on College would only be on the market for 7 days before the seller accepted offers. It had the same offer date as the one on Cedar. We had to make a choice. Noah said the stars would have to align for us to get the College house. We decided to put a offer in on College. We didn't want to lose it. We could tell it was the one. The forever house. It would be perfect if we got it. So Noah hand delivered our very thought out offer to the sellers agent. There where 10 other offers on the house. The stars did align and the seller accepted our offer!!! After a very long and intense escrow the house became our home. Our forever home. We will never run out of space. We can walk to a deli, vegetable store, Safeway, excellent restaurants. We can walk to Elmwood or Rockridge. Our kids can still stay in Berkeley schools. We have a duplex if we ever want to rent. We found out it's not just a duplex, but a golden duplex (look it up, It's a Berkeley law). This has has so much charm, so much space. It is still surreal to wake up here everyday. Noah played a key role in getting this house for my family. He changed our lives. He worked so hard. He earned every cent of his commission. He went above and beyond what any agent would have done. Through this process I not only now have an agent for any other purchases I may make, but I have a friend too. You will never regret your choice of Noah Manning as agent. Good luck with the home buying and selling.

- Shlomo R.

"We were in good hands"

Noah was great at guiding myself and my wife through the process of purchasing a home in Oakland. Purchasing a home in this market is one of the most stressful things we have done, but Noah was there along each step of the way and always calm and collected. Even in the midst of a high stakes multiple counter offer situation, he was there breaking it down to us what each involved party is potentially going through and what everything means. I'm not sure how he is able to stay so grounded in such a stressful profession. In one instance Noah, who is not a short person, climbed into the crawlspace of a house and was able to identify that the foundation likely was in need of replacement. This was some invaluable information for our decision making process in making an appropriate offer. After several non-winning offers, our winning offer was accepted while one of us was out of town in a place with no cell phone reception. This was not an ideal situation, but we trusted Noah and we felt that we were in good hands. He made the process of finding a home inspector on short notice an easy one. In the end we were able to make our dream of owning a home a reality. There are real estate agents that have been in the business for longer, but what Noah lacks in experience, he makes up with a genuine sense of ownership of the process, and willingness to go the extra mile. We always felt that his top priority was to find a home that is a good fit for us, at a price that we are comfortable with.

- Peter S.

"Definitely make him your first choice!"

We can't say enough great things about Noah! Me and my partner started looking for our first home together with a "friend" last year that didn't workout so well. My partner found a house that we wanted to see and Noah happened to be the person whom came out to show it to us. From that Initial interaction we new that he was a great fit for us, he is kind, sincere and extremely helpful! We continued to look and look and look some more and bid and get out bid and when I was ready to throw in the towel Noah found us our new home! It is perfect in every way, the price, size of house and huge yard is now OUR home and sanctuary! Noah is what every real estate agent should strive to be and what every home buyer should want! Definitely make him your first choice!

- Joseph P.

"Do yourself a favor"

Buying a house in the bay area is hard enough. Do yourself a favor and partner with the best realtor possible. Luckily for us we found it in Noah. We had been searching for a long while and kept crossing paths with Noah at showings. His super approachable attitude, insight and knowledge about all things homes blew us away each time. Until finally after our second realtor had moved on (I told you we'd been looking for a while), we said it's time we finally partner with Noah. Instantly we knew we were on a better footing to find exactly what we wanted. And what had taken over a year before, we were signing documents on an amazing dream home within no time. You need a realtor who sees you as a true partner, is super responsive and has market knowledge like no other. We feel so lucky to have found that in Noah.

- Mike H.

"Words cannot express how grateful we are"

Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Noah as our real estate agent. From the beginning, he invested the time to get to know us and what we were looking for in a home. We ended up placing 4 offers prior to getting in contract for our home. Each time around Noah was willing to spend as much time as we needed in person and over the phone answering questions and concerns and helping us build our strategy for our offer packets. His general fund of knowledge for real estate and his awareness of what we wanted ultimately helped us secure our home. In this crazy housing market in the Bay Area, the home buying process can be very discouraging. After a few rounds of placing aggressive offers and losing out, Noah set-up a meeting with us to re-group and potentially change our strategy. This is just one of many examples of him going above and beyond. Noah's approach to the whole process made us feel like not just one of his many clients but like a friend or family member. He was just as invested as we were in finding a home that was the best fit for our present and future. Noah more than exceeded our expectations. We will definitely use him in the future for buying or selling property. If we could, we'd rate him a 20!!

- Kristyn J.

"Noah was Instrumental"

Noah was instrumental in the entire home buying process, and we cannot thank him enough for all the help and support that he has provided my family and me in choosing the perfect home. We are new to the bay area and did not really know the lay of the land. We were so lucky to have Noah with us because he was always there for us and spent so much time showing us all the different neighborhoods and explaining their unique characteristics. What stood out about Noah was that he really took the time to understand our needs and what we truly wanted as our dream home. After spending a lot of time together, he got a good grasp of what we were looking for and from then on, he gave us super personalized properties and locations that were catered to our needs. He saved us so much time by being thoughtful and methodical in his approach in helping us. We cannot thank him enough for saving us so much hassle and useless traveling to properties that did not fit. When it came to writing offers, Noah was so responsive and proficient in doing whatever needed to be done to get the offer out. Being so quick and nimble in this Bay Area is a must, and Noah really helped with his responsiveness to getting us in our new home. We are now proud homeowners living in our dream home, mostly thanks to Noah because there is no way we could have navigated this crazy Bay Area market on our own. Thank you Noah.

- Donald P.

"An absolute joy…"

Noah is an absolute joy to work with, and we're honored to share our thoughts on him as our real estate agent. As first-time home buyers looking to purchase in the East Bay, my wife and I had to learn a tremendous amount about real-estate in a short time. When we first met with Noah based on a referral from our friends, he patiently went over goals and expectations to give us a clear road map of how we should approach the home-buying process. We had a vague idea of what we were looking for, but Noah was able to ask the right questions to help us figure out exactly what kind of home we wanted. Over the course of the next couple months, we toured over 50 homes with Noah on the weekends and openly discussed characteristics that we liked and disliked in what we saw. Noah prepared us for writing offers by easing us into the process and identifying hypothetical situations for us to consider on homes that we liked, but weren't ready to fully commit to. We felt like by the time we actually wrote an offer on our house, we were extremely prepared because we had gone through the possible scenarios and knew what to expect. Noah was quick to generate a comparative market analysis for all the homes we were interested in, and never put pressure on us to go after something we weren't truly set on. He was honest and professional in his analysis, and gave us plenty of space to determine a price point that we would be happy with. We can safely say that Noah's strategic recommendations and quick-thinking was one of the main reasons why we were successful in purchasing our new home at a great value. We were working with an extremely tight timeline to complete the escrow process, and he was able to coordinate with all of the necessary players to ensure everything went according to plan. His network of resources in Oakland is also very comprehensive - his referrals to lenders, insurance agents, building inspectors, etc have been excellent - and everyone we've encountered have nothing but fantastic things to say about Noah. Not only is Noah extremely knowledgeable about the East-bay housing market, but he also genuinely cares about educating first-time home buyers and making the process enjoyable. There are a lot of great agents out there, but we're fortunate to have been able to work with him on the purchase of our first home. Thanks Noah!

- Mike L.

"I Just Had To"

I am a fellow real estate professional. I have never Yelped another agent, but Cheyenne was so great to work with, I just had to. He was very responsive and proactive throughout the transaction. As usual in a real estate deal, there were a few hurdles to get through, and Cheyenne was very good at helping navigate through all of them. He was at the very top of the agents I've worked with over the past 8 years!

- Elon

"Passionate about his work…"

As a first-time homebuyer, my partner and I sought out Cheyenne's help in navigating the Oakland housing market. Despite the experience being altogether terrifying, I cannot praise Cheyenne enough for his patience, foresight, easy communication, and accessibility. He is passionate about his work, energetic and honest. Being a local from the East Bay, he brought a depth of knowledge at the neighborhood scale that was pragmatic and invaluable in narrowing our search. We are now proud Temescal homeowners and, should we ever wish to sell our house, Cheyenne would be the only realtor we'd want to work with. I would certainly recommend Cheyenne to anyone searching for either a home or investment property and wish him the best of luck in his new venture with Perspective!

- Walker and Ryan

"We are SO lucky"

We are SO lucky to have found Cheyenne during our home search. As first time home-buyers relocating from the east coast with a two month old baby, we had our hands full. From the very beginning, Cheyenne made the process as easy (and dare I say fun?) as possible. He's knowledgeable about Bay Area real estate, neighborhoods, schools, this crazy market, and will do whatever it takes to help his buyers be successful. We were able to compete against several bids to get our dream hone, and it's no exaggeration to say it would not have been possible without Cheyenne's tireless work. The only sad part about closing on the house is not hanging out with Cheyenne anymore, but even when the process was done he's still been incredibly helpful with referrals for everything from contractors to locksmiths. What a great guy! Thank you Cheyenne for everything :)

- Katherine and Jeremy

"If we could give Cheyenne 10 stars, we would!"

Last Spring after deciding to look for a new house, we stepped into this crazy housing market! Lucky for us, Cheyenne was there to help us and hold our hands every step of the way. Cheyenne recommended some changes and due to his great connections with local tradespeople in a short 6 weeks, we were able to fix up our house, put it on the market, evaluate multiple offers and close on the sale for a favorable price! Finding a house was more nerve-wracking due to the high demand for housing in the Oakland/Berkeley area. However, Cheyenne's years of experience as a realtor combined with having grown up in the East Bay allowed him to give us excellent guidance as to neighborhoods and housing stock. Cheyenne was infinitely patient and encouraging helping us evaluate the pros and cons of each house and neighborhood. In retrospect, Cheyenne seemed to know what we were looking for before we did. Perhaps he did! Cheyenne guided us through the bidding process and on the second house, our offer was accepted. Incredibly Cheyenne made the buying process an adventure and almost fun. Actually being in daily contact with Cheyenne was fun. Our only sadness at closing was no longer being the focus of his optimistic outlook and seemingly undivided attention. We highly recommend Cheyenne for selling and buying! If we could give Cheyenne 10 stars, we would!

- Molly and Saunterre

"Thanks Aaron!"

Aaron was our first real estate and he was instrumental in my wife and I securing our first home. He was very upfront about what he does and does not do. I really appreciated that. We were recommended Aaron because he is aggressive and good at getting what his clients want. My wife and I monitored Redfin throughout the months and visited open houses while we were looking. If we ever found a house that we liked, Aaron was all over getting more information for us quickly. Then he was very quick at putting together offers in a very timely fashion. He answers emails very quickly and is extremely responsible. I don't know how he does it. He killed it during the negations for our first home and made sure we got a good deal while still locking in the deal. Thanks Aaron!

- Ryan M.

"Our experience with Aaron Brown was 5-star, and that’s not hyperbole."

Our experience with Aaron Brown was 5-star, and that's not hyperbole. He listened to what we were looking for, and worked with us on finding a perfect fit. We had mid-caliber champagne dreams on a high-quality beer budget, and we knew we wanted to live in Alameda, mostly for the schools and easy commute to the city. We were fairly picky in what we wanted, and did come to a point where we were starting to give up the dream. Aaron didn't let us, encouraged us to take a breath and keep moving. Thus, we ended up in a home that exceeded our expectations in Alameda in a neighborhood with truly the most amazing neighbors one could hope for, close to great schools and fun parks. Much of that is due to Aaron being persistent, hopeful, and unwavering. Almost two years later we still can't believe it.

- Tahd F.

". . . the results we’ve had working with Aaron are mind-boggling."

We chose Aaron when we bought our North Oakland home in 20015 and when we sold it in 2018. I would highly recommend working with Aaron if you're looking for a known entity who consistently "wins" in a dog-eat-dog market and understands how to find a home you'll love that also maximizes your investment. The Bay Area real estate scene is a fabulous way to grow your money quickly, but the results we've had working with Aaron are mind-boggling. Our home value increased 50% in 3 years. I seriously believe this is partly due to less than $10k in simple, smart improvements he suggested to prepare our home for sale. I would tell prospective home buyers and sellers, follow his lead and you will be thrilled with the results. Besides being smart and experienced, Aaron loves his job, is responsive, and works very hard to ensure a smooth process. We also think he's a super nice guy -- and that's important too!

- Shira K.

"Very entrepreneurial, creative, and fun to work with."

Aaron is honestly the best realtor I know. A great guy, easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. He's realistic about the market, and helps you figure out a strategy that works. He helped us win-out over 11 other offers on our home in Oakland, and there were others with stronger down payments than ours, but his relationship with the listing agent, our strategy on terms, and our teamwork in showing our enthusiasm to the sellers helped us win in a really tough market. If you want to get it done, talk to Aaron. Very entrepreneurial, creative, and fun to work with.

- Vivek A.

". . . truly the King of the Oakland market!"

Aaron Brown is truly one of the most talented realtors I have ever worked with. We placed our trust in him and he managed a complete renovation of our home prior to listing and then helped us sell our home in under 2 weeks. He and his colleague, Georgia Ruddrow, did a renovation so incredible that we had a REALLY hard time even wanting to sell after we saw the improvements. Like I tell everyone, it was like being on HGTV minus the twin brothers (though Aaron and Georgia were more than the equivalent talent!!!). Thank you Aaron and Georgia! Aaron you are truly the King of the Oakland market!

- Andi W.

"He is a FANTASTIC real estate agent!"

I am not at all surprised that Aaron has all 5-star reviews; he is a FANTASTIC real estate agent! I stumbled upon Aaron in the pre-buying stage by sending an email to him about a listing and he got back to me REALLY quickly, on a weekend. When the time came to get an agent to both sell my condo and buy my first house with my husband I went immediately to Aaron. I never even met with another prospective agent after our meeting. Aaron is incredibly knowledgeable about East Bay real estate -- particularly Oakland and Berkeley (and I assume Piedmont, but I don't have firsthand knowledge). He was also fantastic at explaining how the financial process would work, and got us hooked up with Darlene Espinoza at RPM Mortgage (also a 5-star review) for financing. He handled all details to sell the condo and we got a great purchase price. After selling the condo we started in the buyers' market for a 3/2 home. He did a great job showing us a range of options to help us focus on what was most important to us. When we found the right home, Aaron was absolutely dead-on regarding what we had to do in our offer to get the house, and we are THRILLED with our choice. (Also thrilled with the generous celebratory bubbles and munchies when we got the keys!) Aaron is professional, knowledgeable, patient, honest, straight-forward, pleasant, and easy to talk to about your "stupid" questions without making you feel stupid. My husband and I highly recommend Aaron for your selling or buying real estate needs!

- Riley K.

"We are complete believers in Aaron’s system."

Aaron was the second agent we worked with to sell our house in Montclair. The first was competent enough, yet we had several offers fall through and ultimately, took the house off the market until the spring season. And during that hiatus, we were lucky enough to be referred to Aaron. We interviewed several realtors and he really stood out. After our first experience, we were gun-shy, but he had confidence and knowledge and a comprehensive system that he'd used time and again, to great success: We were to move out of the house so that he and his team could do renovations and a full staging. He has an amazing eye for what matters to buyers, and how to spend money on only those upgrades that will attract top dollar offers. We gave Aaron the keys, and let his team go to work. I loved that it was a hands-off process, from our perspective. They did everything, we had no stress, and we were floored by how beautiful the finished product was, all the little touches that made such a big difference. Ultimately, he got us five offers--two of them way higher than we'd dared hope, and entirely clean, with no contingencies. We are complete believers in Aaron's system. We actually have a Before Aaron and an After Aaron comparison. The peace of mind that comes from working with someone with a cohesive approach cannot be overstated. We believed in Aaron and it completely paid off (quite literally.) We can't recommend him highly enough.

- Holly B.

"Highly recommended for anyone looking for homes in Oakland."

Aaron was an excellent agent. He was incredibly helpful in a competitive market, always responsive and detailed in every way. Highly recommended for anyone looking for homes in Oakland.

- Dave M.